Editor’s Note

Welcome to this post-turkey, pre-Christmas issue of PeaceSigns. You may have noticed we are  parking PeaceSigns on a different plot of internet real estate. This is a part of our continuing effort to make PeaceSigns the best peace publication it can be. We recently switched to a new email delivery system. The move to this new space is an effort to make your reading experience more enjoyable. You can still access the PeaceSigns archive here, but this will be the home of current and future issues.

Thanks for your patience. These changes aren’t world-shaking, but I know they may take some getting used to. Please feel free to email me jasonb@mennoniteusa.org to let me know if I can help you make the adjustment in any way.

What other changes can you expect in PeaceSigns as we close out 2012 and head in to a new year? Well, you probably noticed  we have been providing the great PeaceSigns articles you love by the authors you’ve come to know over years while also adding new voices and views to our pages.  There are many more great voices that we want to share with you, so continue to be on the lookout for new contributors.

Also, the Peace and Justice Support Network is working closely with Mennonite Mission Network to redesign our website. We look forward to that rolling out in 2013. We’re working on ways to fully integrate PeaceSigns into the new site. Whatever we do, it will be in pursuit of improving PeaceSigns and serving you better.

That’s a lot of inside baseball talk for you, maybe more than you were expecting! I’ll let you get into this issue of PeaceSigns. We’ve got great contributions from Berry Freisen, Max Ediger, Keith Lyndaker Schlabach and Jesse Epp Frasen. We’ve also got a special treat for you, a new feature that was inspired by the starting this new chapter in the life of PeaceSigns. PeaceSign Flashback will feature a classic piece from our archives. This month it’s a beautiful Prayer for Peacemakers by June Mears Driedger.

Thanks for your support of PeaceSigns!




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