Editor’s Note

Greetings from Kansas! I’m in Wichita, splitting a few days between here and Newton. It’s good to meet new friends and put faces to names and voices I’ve become familiar with over the past year or so.

This month’s PeaceSigns is perfect for February. We’ve got hearty writing for you when you may be stuck inside, longing for the Spring. Great to have contributions from Berry Friesen, Max Ediger, Rachelle Lyndaker Schlabach representing MCC Washington, Tom Beutel, Sherah-Leigh Gerber and even our friend John Stoner, who has a question for the church.

I’m especially excited to bring you a new, hopefully semi-regular feature called “Everyday Peacemaking”. I met Lon Marshall in Iowa last year. I was a guest at West Union Mennonite for a weekend. (It was awesome. The next time you see me, ask me how much I enjoyed Iowa and West Union.) I got to talking with Lon and found out he’s a Marriage and Family Therapist. He told me about his work and it was beautiful to hear—pure peacemaking.  I asked him to write something up about how he sees peacemaking intersect with is work. Lon responded with the tremendous piece we have this month. I’m grateful to him and hope to find more folks who can write about their own experience in “Everyday Peacemaking”—finding peace at home, at work, wherever “every day” leads. Interested? Please, send me and email and let’s talk!

I’m also glad to review Bert Newton’s book Subversive Wisdom this month. Bert’s a friend of PJSN, a contributor to PeaceSigns and a guy committed to the peaceful reign of God. His book is an outstanding re-appraisal of the Gospel of John, It’s a must-read for anyone interested in understanding the social and political implications of Jesus in the Gospel of John.

I’ve got to run and try to catch one of these amazing Kansas sunsets I’ve heard so much about.




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