Editor’s Note

Friends,jb peacesigns

This Lenten season has been a special one for me, as my travels have afforded me the opportunity to journey to the cross with new friends. Earlier this month I was in Kansas to spend time with Hope Mennonite Church. Earlier this week I was with Salem Mennonite in Ohio.

When I travel, I miss my family, but I find comfort in being welcomed into the larger family of Christ. I miss the community I know at Raleigh Mennonite Church, but I’m received warmly into new communities. In these  encounters I see the lovely diversity found among the churches and people of MCUSA. We live in different places, have different jobs, even different outlooks on life to a certain extent. There’s a unity that is present as well though. A unity of conviction, a unity of direction and purpose in following Jesus. That unity prevents our differences from being divisive and indeed stregthens us as a church. It’s an amazing thing to witness and experience. I’m humbled this year at the binding strength of the cross.

We’re featuring four articles this month from Tom Beutel, Berry Friesen, Bert Newton and Theo Sitther from MCC Washington. Some of articles this month are longer than usual. Longer articles have more room to develop and explore an idea. This isn’t a permanent change in editorial direction for PeaceSigns, just a chance for you to read and experience things in a different way this month. I hope you will enjoy.




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