Editor’s Note

Friends, jb peacesigns

Thanks for tuning in to this edition of PeaceSigns. We’ve got a full plate for you this month, lots of terrific articles that range the gamut on issues. I’m amazed every month when so many quality pieces come to my inbox. You know as well as I, it’s not easy to sit down, organize your thoughts and write them up in a compelling, coherent fashion. Thanks to all our PeaceSigns writers who take the time and effort to do just that.

I’ve written this before and it holds true–these  acts of writing and reading is an important part in the growth of peace. Educating ourselves and each other is the first step on the road toward change. It’s a political act, a spiritual act, to look beneath the surface of our world and relationships in a quest for understanding. Every month PeaceSigns is written and read, the wheel continues its slow turn towards justice. We’re not the only ones turning the wheel, thank God!, but what the interchange of ideas and perspectives we all engage in is extraordinarily meaningful.




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