Editor’s Note

Friends, jb peacesigns

Welcome to the May 2013 issue of PeaceSigns. I think you’ll really enjoy our offering this month. Longtime contributors Tom Beutel, Rachelle Lyndaker Schlabach, Ron Byler and Berry Friesen all appear. We also welcome new voices to our pages this month.

H.A. Penner writes about the harrowing issue of drones. H.A.’s a great guy with loads of peacemaking expertise, so it’s a pleasure to be able to feature his writing.

Christine Guth is program director for the Anabaptist Disabilities Network. ADNET supports Anabaptist congregations, families, and persons touched by disabilities to nurture inclusive communities. We know that the peace of Jesus isn’t limited to specific spheres of life–it’s needed on all levels and for all people. I’m glad we have the chance to view peace through the lens of ADNET this month.

I’m also excited this month to feature a letter from Norman Lowry.The May, 2012 edition of PeaceSigns included an account by Berry Friesen of the sentencing of Norman Lowry to 1-7 years in Pennsylvania state prison for criminal  trespass at the Armed Forces Recruiting Center in Lancaster PA.  Over a period of 28 month prior to his sentencing, Lowry on three occasions had protested the making of war by the U.S. military by interfering with the Center’s recruitment efforts.  He is currently incarcerated at the State Correctional Institution near Dallas, PA. His Conscience Behind Bars:  The Prison Letters of Norman Lowry was published by Lulu in December, 2012.  This is letter #6.

Thanks for reading PeaceSigns,



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