Editor’s Note

Friends, jb peacesigns

Welcome to the November issue of PeaceSigns, just the ticket for a long Holiday weekend. We’ve got great articles this month. Ron Byler takes us into the Israel-Palestine conflict to find peacemakers. Patricia Kisare helps us prepare for World AIDS day. Berry Friesen challenges us to to consider  “bigger” peace and justice. Tom Beutel helps us celebrate Shalom. Max Ediger checks in from Cambodia and Bert Newton looks at our blindness when it comes to chemical weapons.Lon Marshall writes on a VERY topical issue that is near and dear to my heart.

Also this month I’m happy to announce Keith Lyndaker Schlabach is stepping into the role of Managing Editor of PeaceSigns. Keith has written for PeaceSigns and PJSN for years, in addition to this own writing projects, and I’m grateful he will be using his gifts in this new way.

Going forward, Keith will issue the call for submissions, work in an editorial capacity with individual authors regarding submissions and oversee the PeaceSigns wordpress site.

Keith is also thinking with me about some exciting ideas for PeaceSigns in 2014, which include working to expand the gender and ethnic diversity of our writers and crafting themed issues several times over the course of the year. You’ll be hearing more from Keith on these projects.

I will continue as Executive Editor of PeaceSigns. I look forward to contributing some writing of my own in 2014.

Thanks for reading!



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