EDITOR’S NOTE: Saving the World One Cupcake at a Time

Keith 1By Keith M. Lyndaker

In the morning the cop cars are outside the house on the corner again. We hear shouting as my daughter and I are getting into the car.

On the way to school, she asks about the situation and why it seems to occur there on a regular basis. I describe what little I know of the family, some of the stressors they face. I mention how we need to continue be in relationship with them, how we’ve helped them in the past, that we should continue to pray for them.

She sits in silent reflection for awhile. Then she announces that she is going to bake cupcakes for them.

And she does. As soon as she gets home, she goes right to the kitchen and starts baking. After the cupcakes are frosted, we pack them up and walk up the street.

The gift is welcomed with effusive thank yous.

We walk home with smiles on our faces. I am so proud, not because of how good a cook my daughter is (which she is), but rather for her willingness to use her gifts for her neighbors. This year has not been easy for her. Yet here she is reaching out to help someone else.

It is a reminder to me to not let my own stuff keep me from blessing others. There is a song called The Magic Penny. The verse goes “Love is something if you give it away, you end up having more.”

Love is not a thing to be saved for certain people or hoarded like a miser’s stash.

It is a dozen cupcakes made by the hands of a teenage girl, who’s been having a tough time, shyly offered to a neighbor, whose life isn’t easy.

And on and on and on we go, saving the world one cupcake at a time.

(From peacegrooves.wordpress.com)


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