Helicopter Seeds







by Keith M. Lyndaker

It takes a strong wind to loosen the helicopter seeds.
They whir through the air in a great spinning swarm,
cascading down through bright leaves to blanket the ground.

It is that turning that drives them into the soil where they can germinate and grow into a forest of trees.
Each seed is latent with a vibrant potency.

Such is the work of peace.

Do not bemoan the strong breath of the struggle that breaks your hold upon the comfortable place and sends you whirling out over an unknown land.

You are a seed.

You may not know where you land but wherever you alight,
do your best to germinate and grow.

The wind knew where to send you.
The sun and rain will find you.
Seek out companion seeds.

Together we rise to create a wilderness that reaches everywhere,
our branches heavy with the weight of the
fruit for the healing of the nations.

originally published on peacegrooves.wordpress.com


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