In Search of Heaven

By Cara EdigerCara Ediger



We know where we are going,

But have no idea what it will look like,

this place called Heaven.


Where is this place,

this dot on the map,

this place we call heaven?


Is it out there in outer-space

with the stars?

Is it inside a whole,

redeemed community

living in peace?


How will we know exactly until we get there?


Will we be the same people,

in our new, redeemed bodies,

or will we have to get used to ourselves again

in this new place called heaven?


New earth, heavens new-

golden streets or heavy dew?

What do the scriptures say,

that we know how to describe it,

except for a place for God’s people to dwell?


How can we know exactly until we get there?


Only one thing I know, of one thing I am certain

I would surely like to go!

No requirements exactly, but repentance and forgiveness

Don’t need no ticket, just get on board!


New earth, heavens new

New bodies, and souls too!



2 thoughts on “In Search of Heaven

  1. Kara, That is an interesting thought and we frequently have surprises come our way. What about God’s Kingdom (now) on Earth as it is in Heaven. That can be full of surprises too.
    Richard Hirschler

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