Love is watching, waiting

By Cara EdigerCara Ediger


We are praying, the earth and the spirit together.

The world is shaking and trembling,

the working out of faith is coming-

Lord hear our prayers


We’re watching, we’re waiting

Jesus is coming soon, but when?

The world is still confused,

so we pray, we pray

for borrowed time

that one day later,

they will see the light too


Love is waiting, love is watching

Love is listening to our cry.

Love, hear our prayers, Lord!


The bride is ready,

but she does not want to leave

without her bridesmaids

the bridegroom listens to her with love

and waits with her.


Jesus is coming soon,

the kingdom of God is near,

and we are praising in heaven,

that all will be saved who are called,

if not now, then later,

and we will all be together again.


Thank you Lord, for hearing our prayers

and the groans of the earth in labor.





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