The Long-Suffering Servant: A Prayer

By Cara EdigerCara Ediger

There is a long-suffering servant–
A long-expected suffering cross—
His costly grace none dare can match

But we can follow, we can follow…..

He has a love that covers sin, he calls us to follow him. He says my son— and my daughter— I call you by name.

To the end of life— when a babe is born—
{he says} I am the love that covers all sin– I am the one who called you out into light—- oh that glorious light—

He says I knew you before time began— I knew you then—

I gave to you my redemptive power —
I’ll be with you as I was with you.
Since time began I was with you—-
And I’ll be with you and I’ll be with you—

And the everlasting name we call him Jesus— (cristos) we call him Jesus—

{he says} I’m the one who forgives all sin– I’m the one who says sin no more—
Just follow me— follow me—
And call me teacher—– for that is what I AM.







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