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PeaceLab is a podcast focused on current events, faith and peacemaking from a Mennonite perspective.

Jonathan Brenneman has a unique Mennonite Voluntary Service position. It’s focused on helping MCUSA engage deeply with the Israel-Palestine conflict. In this episode of PeaceLab, Jonathan talks about his role, the new resolution on Israel-Palestine, his history with the region and more.



One thought on “PeaceLab Podcast

  1. Well, I think I asked this kind of question before and it didn’t get posted, but I’ll try again. I listened to Jonathan Brenneman’s TheMennonite PeaceLab Episode 8: Israel-Palestine interaction and wondered: why is there no criticism of the Palestinian side of the conflict, no reference to the anti-shalom commitments and actions of Fatah and Hamas (not to mention Hizbollah), but only that of Israel, in the history and present relationships in the Israel-Palestine troubles? Isn’t “taking sides” with one combatant entity (there are still formal military hostilities involved) inappropriate for Anabaptist Christians committed to nonviolence? Are not the Palestinian partisans still formally committed to eliminating the Jewish state of Israel? Is it realistic, impartial, and appropriate for those truly committed to the cause of peace to incline toward supporting one side over another? This is why the Kansas City Resolution was in error. The current draft for Orlando is substantially and appropriately nuanced, but one might wonder whether it has yet achieved an acceptable detachment from partisan inclinations.

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