Poetry as Prayer – Worship as Rest

By Cara EdigerCara Ediger

If I know something about lent,
I know that sometimes we are slow
to understand what God has done for us.

If I know something about being
purposefully slow, I know it brings
Us together rather than apart.

If I know something, or anything
about God, it’s that knowing him is
to love, and in loving him, we love

With no power of our own but the
Spirit coming down on us like a dove,
A bird of peace that
Surpasses all understanding,

A bird of comfort when we search
Far and wide for knowledge and
Wisdom as if we search for land
From the sea.

That we would send a dove out
during travel,
And to find the stranger a fellow Christian spirit,
A spirit of love, joy, peace,many the
rest of God’s gifts we know so well.

That we would always show the
other, a spirit of thanksgiving for
Their presence,may spirit of
Generosity for their perspective,
And a spirit that knows the God we
Serve truly is mysterious, and yet
Comes down to meet us in our
Worry and weary world.

Lord, let us not be slow to
Understand you,nut bring our
hearts in worship to you,
so that you may give the weary world rest
As we worship, and rest is what we
Seek to give even when others do
Not understand.







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