Millennial Voice – Surrender

By Joanna Lois Albesa

My definition of spiritual yieldedness is the same as willingness to surrender my will and rights to God. This morning I wasn’t feeling comfortable and while I was praying to the Lord to start off my personal devotion, His Holy Spirit immediately constrained me to let Him search the motives of my heart.

Why am I praying? and what is my motive for approaching Him?

I sensed the guilt within me. I knew that I was praying half-heartedly and that I would only read His word just to feel good and say to myself that at least I have talked to Him before I do my work. It was partially out of obligation and out of just getting by throughout the day. And so, I was pondering about this willingness to surrender my will and rights to God, then, a popular abbreviation that almost any professing Christian would know popped out of my head – WWJD “What Would Jesus Do?”. Because of this, I didn’t follow my routine but rather, the Lord graciously led to me to read about His birth, death and resurrection accounted in the first 4 books of the Bible in the New Testament.

What does it really mean to surrender our will? I hate to say this but 9 (or 8) out 10 Christian would always raise their white flags to the Lord without sincerity and that includes me. We say I surrender this problem to you Lord and this and that but we don’t really know what we’re telling Him. The next day we wake up, we end up worrying the same as yesterday. And then there’s this problem also of going back to our old habit that seems to not please the Lord. We prayed for it, asked for forgiveness and were made aware that it’s not good according to His conviction and yet, the Spirit of not caring enough still triumphs within us. After all, it allows us to do whatever we would want to, to the point of forgetting God’s fear and authority. How far have we fallen from His holiness!

I put myself momentarily in the sandals of Jesus when He was about to be crucified. I couldn’t fathom His agony and how much He humbled Himself just to fulfill what the Father tells Him to do so for the remission of our sin. Although He was rightful to be King, He just said:

O my Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass from me: nevertheless not as I will, but as thou wilt” (Matt. 26:39)

He prayed more earnestly to God in the depths of His agony that He was sweating a lot like blood dropping on the ground (Luke 22:44). He might’ve strived with His thoughts and emotions just like us. I immediately fell on my face because of this impression. Despite being human, He demonstrated the physical manifestation of God in Him. Though He was a man, He triumphed because of His love for us – that He may properly redeem us from death and slavery of sin! How glorious and victorious He is!

He knew His purpose. He knew what He needed to do.

At that moment of striving within, He said to me “I just surrendered, Joanna” (period). No more questions asked. I have poured out everything because in the end, I knew what I was doing and to whom was I doing it for.

So What Would Jesus Do? If you were to lose your job and do His ministry? if you were to allocate your day off and spend it in private with Him? if you have to give the 10th of your income but it’s barely enough for you and your family? if someone bashes you, backfires against you, rejects you, fails you, disappoints you, discourages you, disrespects you, hates you? What would you do?

Jesus prayed earnestly and surrendered to the will of the Father. He is the best example to follow.

All glory to God, Amen.


Joanna Lois Albesa is a working Filipina student in Italy who aspires to be a businesswoman. She is a Christian – Born Again and enjoys writing about her life experiences to inspire the young people of her generation. She blogs at

Editor’s Note: The author wrote the previous reflection after reading the book Greater by Steven Furtick.


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